n15 - podere la pianella, procchio, italy, 2017

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n15 - podere la pianella, procchio, italy, 2017

procchio, isola d'elba, italy
2017 - 2019
new construction 236 m2 + renovation 223 m2 + garden 6.986 m2
holiday accommodations



Procchio landscape is a mediterranean gem.



The valley is surrounded from east to west by hills of myrtle shrubs maritime pines and eucalyptus and it opens towards a crystalline sea. The valley is a countryside landscape, where small individual houses and introvert gardens and orchards are disposed on a gentle slope, distant from each other. The houses gather nearby along the road leading to the sea and that is the village.


Podere La Pianella was a family winery: a terrain of fruit trees, a villa, the building of the winery.



The property holds a history of simplicity to be preserved in the transformation. The interventions are minute, both in the renovation of the existing building as well as in the new construction and in the arrangement of the gardens, offering spaces for a simple living, which enjoys the plural views opening towards the landscape.



The new construction is a small tower, a belvedere facing the sea and the surrounding hills, that reinterprets the memory of the Etruscan Medicean and Spanish fortresses punctuating the costs of Isola d'Elba.


The building is a small massif volume with a loggia on each side, characterized by a deep shadow, and small openings relating to the domestic program, slightly recessed from the facade. The spatial organization is arranged according to a central plan, which supports the orientation character of the tower. The housing program is repeated on two floors: an entrance, a bathroom and a shower, a room with kitchen and 3 bedrooms. The interior space has a double nature: the house can be inhabited like a pavilion, an open space where all individual spaces are in visual relation with each other, or it can be experienced as a house made of rooms, simply closing of the doors. This interior scenography is a wooden construction that integrates walls, doors and furniture, benches and worktops. The common staircase, where you can overlook the landscape around protected by the shade of a wooden pergola.



The existing winery is a sober artifact: two wings interlock each other in a T shape, with large and low pitches oriented parallel to the topography, that offer a quiet horizon for the surrounding landscape.


The renovation proposal preserves the pitched roof and perimetric masonry. The holiday accommodation is arranged in 6 bedrooms and a common living area with kitchen and dining room, with direct access to the garden. From the common area a wide threshold opens to two wide corridors that end with a view to the garden and distribute to the bedrooms; the experience of the walk is punctuated by the opening of new windows framed in stone. Each bedroom has an internal loggia, slightly elevated, to rest with a view on the fruit trees.