c16 - CST, tenero, switzerland, 2017

roof plan swimmingpool • 1 •
roof plan swimmingpool construction system • 2 •
construction system axonometry swiming pool • 3 •
axonometry swiming pool axonometry sport hall • 4 •
axonometry sport hall axonometry housing unit • 5 •
axonometry housing unit model 1.50 detail 1 • 6 •
model 1.50 detail 1 model 1.50 detail 2 • 7 •
model 1.50 detail 2 model 1.50 detail 3 • 8 •
model 1.50 detail 3 model 1.50 detail 4 • 9 •
model 1.50 detail 4 model 1.50 detail 5 • 10 •
model 1.50 detail 5 model 1.50 top • 11 •
model 1.50 top
landscape plan • 1 •
landscape plan herbarium • 2 •
herbarium general plan • 3 •
general plan complete plan • 4 •
complete plan swiming pool plan • 5 •
swiming pool plan swiming pool long section • 6 •
swiming pool long section swiming pool cross section • 7 •
swiming pool cross section detail concrete structure • 8 •
detail concrete structure

c16 - CST, tenero, switzerland, 2017

tenero, ticino, switzerland
UFCL – ufficio federale costruzioni e logistica, berna
5.631 m2 + outdoor 89.600 m2
national swimming sport centre
arch. riccardo amarri, arch. marco guerra, arch. antoine lebot, arch. andrea nardi, alessandro pecci, domenico singha pedroli
eng. gianfranco bronzini, conzett bronzini partner ag
eng. luca pietro gattoni
maurus schifferli



The site is defined by the lake, the mountains and the countryside area the sports fields. The design proposes a simple and direct settlement: a single compact building 60 x 300 m.The realization per phases is linear: one building after another.



The project area together with Bolle di Magadino is the only Ticino site listed in the Ramsar International Convention protected wetlands. The project proposes a reading of the complex stratification of habitats from the lake to the mountains: reed beds, woodlands to wood springs with white willows and alders, woodlands to hardwood and then forests. The landscape project proposes natural forestry with indigenous tree species belonging to the habitat of hardwood floodplain wood. The open area of the sports fields corresponds to a countryside landscape, characteristic of Magadino orthogonal plot that the design proposes to complete with deciduous tree-lined avenues. The new access points are enlightened by majestic trees such as fagus sylvatica purpurea.



The new swimming centre is like alike a stone pergola in the park.



It has the character of a pavilion for lightness, diffused brightness and the plurality of views that open in every direction of the landscape: the experience of the interior space is like being outdoors in every season. Otherwise the scale of the building and the rationality of the organization of the environments and of the sports infrastructure respond to the logic of a factory or a "machine".



The load-bearing structure is made up of pillars and beams stacked on top of each other mostly prefabricated.



The residences and the new gym share the spatial and construction principles of the swimming centre.