e09 - 16th biennale di venezia, freespace, 2018

silk prints and clay samples • 1 •
silk prints and clay samples silk prints • 2 •
silk prints stands and tables • 3 •
stands and tables loom model and silk prints • 4 •
loom model and silk prints loom model 1 • 5 •
loom model 1 loom model 2 • 6 •
loom model 2 loom model 3 • 7 •
loom model 3 loom model 4 • 8 •
loom model 4
general plan • 1 •
general plan detail plan • 2 •
detail plan tables • 3 •
tables brick sculptures • 4 •
brick sculptures

e09 - 16th biennale di venezia, freespace, 2018

corderie, venezia, italy
la biennale di venezia
84 m2
16th international architecture exhibition - la biennale di venezia, "freespace", curated by yvonne farrell and shelley mcnamara
arch. marco guerra, arch. antoine lebot, arch. riccardo amarri, arch. liaohui guo, laura bertagno, arch. sellua di ceglie, arch. laura giliberti, kaidan hou, besart krasniqi, costanza passuello, shaohan tang, xin tang, jianfeng wang, yatong, zhao, tong zhao, jie zhang, gion balthasar von albertini
jan boelen, z33 artistic director; jan bloemen, z33 business director; z33 team
christian a. petersen, björn lucassen, jørn enderlein, peter zinck, petersen team (petersen tegl, DK);
Steven Daems, Els Fonteyne (Reynaers Aluminium, BE);
ben boving, bert peeters (erco, BE);
christian vanneste (bekaert, BE);
mansour marchouh (knauf, BE);
wim strobbe, paul van erp (omnicol, BE);
wim schennink, frank jansen, deko team (deko, NL);
stephane piquer (weber, BE);
guy latet (axibeton, BE);
kris knaepen, andrè gworek, michiel wielockx, belemco team (BE);
karel luyckx, kristof mutert, jochen willen, houben team (BE);
luca priore (millennium engineering, IT)
roberta testa (clerici tessuto & c. spa, IT)
antonio venti (plastigraf, IT)
petersen tegl, deko
millennium engineering
clerici tessuto & c. spa
guido bonanni tessuto srl; ezio toccafondi



16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, FREESPACE, curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

Title: Z33, house for contemporary art


We interpret Freespaceas a free walk among fragments of a body of work that we have developed for the renovation and extension of Z33, house for contemporary art, in Hasselt, Belgium.

We believe that experience is a complex phenomenon, that lives out of unpredictable interlacements of the senses and of the mind, rapidly or taking time. The exhibition proposal, as well as the project Z33, offers a plurality of spatial relationships, which are offered to people and to their interpretation, trusting the simplicity of doing things with care.

We propose an ensemble of freestanding objects as an archipelago.

On one side the fragments disposition offers reference points for an invisible narrative, which allows an understanding of the project through the proximity of models, that show the more abstract sequencing of spaces, and of prototypes in scale 1 to 1, that offer a direct experience of the materiality. On the other side visitors are free to make their own story and to imagine a building that does not exist yet, wandering around in between models in various scales, brick walls and images.

Along the existing brick wall visitors can rest, defiladed, having a quiet overview on the exhibition and on the people walking.